14k gold

Silver and Gold in Jewelry

There are different metals used in jewelry and the choice is really great but there are some materials that are more popular than others, more trusted and valuable. Let's take two most popular quality jewelry materials- silver and gold- and study them and their types.
Silver has been used for hundred of years for decoration. This beautiful metal is mined from many countries but the main producers are Peru, Mexico and Australia. People add other metals to silver because in its pure from it's too soft.

14k White gold clear CZ belly dangle

Simple but elegant belly button ring you see is worth your time. It is made of high quality 14K white gold - the material considered the most suitable to any type of skin, any occasion and outfit. Gold is always in fashion and its popularity has come to the top when white gold jewelry appeared at the market. Square CZ on the bottom of the ball has its reflection in the dangling part.

14k Gold belly dangle CZ jeweled with crown

Have a look at this chic dangling gold crown with CZ belly button ring- it's magnificent! Gold jewelry has always been the most valuable precious metal used in ancient times and by modern designers. And this belly dangle is made of the best for piercing jewelry 14K yellow gold - high quality elegant material.

Belly button ring with teardrop-shaped stone and jeweled top ball

It's a real dream of those who value high quality jewelry of magnificent beauty! Have a look at this small piece of art- it's elegant and stunning. White gold jewelry is in fashion nowadays and its quality is worth you, no doubt. Belly button ring made of 14K solid white gold looks attractive and chic. This fancy piece of jewelry decorated with teardrop-shaped clear stone will bring amazing sparkle everywhere you go.

Belly button with heart shaped stone and jeweled ball

Romantic atmosphere around this beautiful piece of jewelry for your navel won't let you and anyone take eyes from it. Simple but magnificent beauty of lines, shape and materials solution make this ring exclusive. 14K white gold is one of the most valuable and fashionable precious metals nowadays. Heart-shaped stone looks elegant and touching. Its clear sparkle shows its innocent beauty.

Polished solid handcuffs TummyToy

Searching for fashionable, unique and stylish belly button jewelry? You've found what you need! We suggest you wonderful dangling handcuffs TummyToy! This magnificent piece of jewelry is made of 14K solid gold of best quality. Polished gold handcuffs can say a lot about its wearer without words.

Polished solid interlocking hearts TummyToy

Heart is a symbol of love and passion, kindness, sincerity and life. Looking at heart we realize that we live- we love and we are loved, we experience new emotions, we are happy and we suffer. Jewelry with hearts has always been popular and is a wonderful gift for the loved ones. Double interlocking hearts navel ring symbolizes happy love and true friendship. It looks magnificent and romantic persons will value its beauty.
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