14k Solid Gold Body Jewelry

Silver and Gold in Jewelry

There are different metals used in jewelry and the choice is really great but there are some materials that are more popular than others, more trusted and valuable. Let's take two most popular quality jewelry materials- silver and gold- and study them and their types.
Silver has been used for hundred of years for decoration. This beautiful metal is mined from many countries but the main producers are Peru, Mexico and Australia. People add other metals to silver because in its pure from it's too soft.

Leverback diamond earrings

Leverback earrings are very secure and classy. They easily click in and are comfortably taken on and off. Leverback earrings are unlikely to be lost as their curved ear wires securely hold the earring in its place. We are glad to offer you stylish leverback earrings accented with magnificent diamonds. Diamonds have always been the most popular gemstones and nowadays they are even more expensive.

Bizantine necklaces

Brilliant collection of bizantine necklaces is waiting for you! Unique joining and exclusive lines of bizantine necklaces make them so popular all over the world. Onlinestores offer you the hugest selection of magnificent bizantine necklaces. They look great in sterling silver and in gold and you can enjoy the high quality of these materials. Bizantine necklaces proved to be durable and you can be sure that they won't lose their brilliance and luster.

14k Gold Rings

Rings are not just ancient pieces of jewelry, they are symbols of love, friendship and faith for many people. Nowadays multiple jewelry stores offer a wide choice of rings and men's and women's rings are available in variety of designs, styles and materials. Hugest selection of stylish and elegant rings for various occasions are offered to you.

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