Gold and Gold Plated Piercing Jewelry

Gold has been always attracting people. Kings and queens, the rich of the world and later all other people have valued gold jewelry over other precious metals. The beauty and outstanding qualities of this fine metal are unique and there are many reasons for people choose gold. Nowadays jewelry is available in all imaginable and unexpected as well as classical types, designs, shapes, sizes and styles. And gold jewelry is probably the most versatile.

Body piercing jewelry were made from natural materials in the ancient world and later when gold was discovered people began producing and designing gold decorations for the body. And piercing jewelry in gold is the hit now. Passion for wearing gold jewelry is normal desire of person and it is proved by history. Egyptian Pharaohs loved gold ornaments so much that fine gold pieces were even buried with their mummies. Gold jewelry was favourite among nobles and royalties in courtyards. It showed their wealth, power, richness and elevated status. Women and most men all over the world wear gold ornaments to attract attention to their body and look beautiful. And the choice of gold piercing jewelry seems to have no limits.

The latest fashion trends make girls and boys, men and women wear gold eyebrow rings, gold belly button rings, earrings from gold, gold nose studs and other amazing gold jewelry. Gold comes in variety of types and 14k gold is the most popular for body piercing jewelry. It's strong enough and durable with magnificent golden shiny surface that is eye-catching.

Gold piercing barbells and rings are expensive and not all people can afford having a collection of body jewelry. There is a nice alternative for this case- gold plated piercing jewelry. Gold plated rings look just like solid gold ring but are much cheaper. Of course, the plated gold may wash out with time but you can get new piece of jewelry if you want as you save your money buying gold plated instead of solid gold.

Gold piercing jewelry can be starter piercing jewelry though some people are sensitive to some metals and additional alloys that gold contains may cause irritation and allergic reactions. It is individual reaction of the body and you should try to find out whether you can wear gold jewelry without any harm to your skin and piercing. But in most cases there are no troubles with wearing 14k or 18k gold piercing jewelry.

The choice of gold jewelry is striking and you may choose classical plain gold barbells or gold captive bead rings as well as unusual designed gold jewelry. Gold dangling rings and twisted barbells are widely accented with precious and semi-precious stones. Diamond gold piercing jewelry is probably the most popular though topaz gold rings and opal gold jewelry (and others) are also in great demand. CZ gold piercing jewelry is great alternative to diamond because it look quite the same but is much cheaper and you won't be so afraid to lose or break it.

Choose the piercing jewelry in gold matching your lifestyle and your clothes and enjoy its glorious beauty and high quality.