Precious Belly Button Jewelry- Gold and Topaz

Navel piercings are met everywhere nowadays- we see pierced bellies on TV, in magazines, on the beach and in pools. There are lots of celebrities who have their bellies pierced and show it off with pleasure. And if you have pierced navel or just want to get it pierced, you should consider the fact that after the healing process is over, the outlook of your piercing depends greatly on the belly button jewelry you wear.
There is a wide choice of navel piercing jewelry nowadays and you can choose some cheap belly rings for everyday wear to suit your clothes and color of your bikini and some beautiful and precious belly rings for special occasions as well as for daily wear if you like.
Golden belly rings with gems and without are the most popular choice. Gold belly jewelry has been valued for years for its high quality, attractive outlook and durability.a 14k gold navel jewelry is really great from all sides. And you may choose white gold and yellow gold belly jewelry in all imaginable designs and shapes nowadays.

14kt gold belly rings

Among multiple gemstones there are some more popular and more stunning stones loved by women and men all over the world. And topaz is such a gemstone. Yellow topaz being the birthstone of November as well as blue topaz that is the birthstone of December are talismans of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius but it doesn't mean that only people born during that period of the year can enjoy wearing topaz jewelry.
Topaz means fire from Sanskrit and occurs not only in yellow and blue but also in gold, brown, peach, orange, red, pink and clear. But the most popular and loved topaz is of blue color. Maybe because it reminds the ocean and passion of waves, maybe it gives us the beauty of the sky. Everyone finds something special for himself in topaz and its love is worth the beauty of this gem. Topaz was thought to heal mental and physical disorders and even to prevent death during the Middle Ages. The Romans believed that topaz could increase the eyesight. And the Greeks thought topaz could make its wearer invisible and to increase his strength. Topaz was worn as an amulet protecting from the injury in ancient Egypt.
Blue topazbelly button rings are so beautiful due to the radiant unique color of this magnificent gem. They look really striking and nobody can take the eyes from the pretty belly with a topaz belly ring in it. And what can we tell about amazing topaz set in gold? It's the combination of two natural gifts for decoration of our body that makes the eyes shine.
If you really want to get durable and elegant piece of jewelry for your navel piercing, pay special attention to gold and to topaz belly rings if the color of sky attracts you.