Enhance Your Appearance with the Right Jewelry

Almost all women love jewelry and men wear some types of jewelry too. There are lots of reasons for including the way to show one's status in society, one's freedom and unique style, religion, etc. But the main is to enhance appearance. There is a huge choice of jewelry styles and designs to choose from nowadays and we may spend hours shopping for the most popular jewelry- high quality sterling silver jewelry or yellow gold piercing jewelry to cheap costume jewelry. But even if we know what jewelry we want to buy, there is one important thing: we all have definite style and shape of jewelry that will help to enhance our appearance. Do you know what yours are? Here are some tips for you that will help you in the choice of jewelry for you or may be for your loved one.

If you are shopping for bracelets, it's important to consider if you are small boned or large boned. If your hands and wrists are medium-sized or large boned, choose a bracelet of medium width or large antique design bracelet. Thin and elegant bracelets look better on small boned hands.
Shopping for rings, take in mind that the ring doesn't go over the knuckle. If your fingers are long, choose wide band and round settings. While short fingers look better with small delicate ring.
If you choose a necklace, consider the length of your neck and your size. If you are small and your neck is rather short, choose longer necklaces to elongate your appearance. You'll also appear taller wearing Y-shaped and V-shaped lariats. If you are tall enough or even too much, choose 16 or 18 inches long necklaces and chokers. The chunkiness of necklace is also important. A thick link or a large chunky stone of the necklace is good for those with large boned figure. More delicate necklaces are perfect for petite women. But don't forget to consider proportions.
When you are shopping for earrings, consider the shape of your face. Oval shaped face allows wearing almost any styles and shapes of the earrings. Long square or rectangular earrings as well as thin dangles are perfect for round shaped faces while hoops or big button style earrings will only harm. Long or rectangular shaped faces require studs or other small earrings. If you have heart-shaped face, choose chandelier earrings wide in the bottom or triangular earrings.
And don't forget to choose what you love shopping for the jewelry. Only when you feel confident, the jewelry will help you to shine! Be yourself and make nice jewelry gifts not only to you but to your loved ones.