Jewelry Matching Your Wardrobe

It's important to dress to feel comfortable, sexy and bold. And the choice of jewelry you wear is of the same importance. With jewelry you put the right accents and create your own unique style. You may wear the blouse bought in the shop where there were several more similar blouses. Do you want to meet your duplicate? Add an elegant gemstone necklace or a large stone pendant and earrings; wear a light scarf of matching color and the difference will be great.
If you are not sure in your style or you don't know what exactly you want to wear with this or that thing from your wardrobe, here are some pieces of advice for you.
Look into your wardrobe. What do you see there? Are there any trendy tops or cute skirts? Do you wear sweater and jeans every day? Are there any evening dresses or cocktail dresses there? If you aren't satisfied with your wardrobe, change it step by step. But I'm sure there are at least four outlooks you love and you enjoy your reflection in the mirror. To find matching jewelry for your clothes, learn current trends. Look through trusted fashion magazines and Internet pages. If you see the model wearing sterling silver necklace with gem that perfectly goes with her blouse, make a note why you choose and like this pairing. Make a list of such notes and keep them in mind.

Then start experimenting with your jewelry and your clothes. Try to match sterling silver dangle earrings and elegant charm bracelet with a nice cream or white dress. Do you like what you see in the mirror? That's great.
Don't forget about colors. Dark colored clothes such as burgundy or black require yellow gold jewelry and sterling silver jewelry works well with pale blues, white and other lighter shades. Your jewelry should also match your face shape. For example, if you have narrow face, select hoop earrings. If you face is round, try elongated diamond tear-drop earrings. Large face will look great with bigger pieces of jewelry and small face will look better with simple designs and solitaires. To accentuate beautiful long neckline, wear chokers. Your jewelry should match your personality. For example, if you are calm and not very sociable, multiple colorful fashion jewelry pieces are probably not for you. You should also match jewelry to the occasion. Smaller pieces with simple designs work for professional meetings. You can wear jewelry with semi-precious gems or silver fashion jewelry for a casual gathering.
Formal meetings require special attitude towards dress as well as jewelry. If you dress is rather showy, you should avoid showy and shiny jewelry. The color of your dress is very important for the choice of jewelry. If it's black, you may choose anything from gold to silver. Yellow gold looks better with darker colors and white gold match soft and pale colors. Beautiful gemstone tear-drop pendant, where the gem's color matches the dress, will be nice. And if there are any doubts about the gem, choose diamond. Diamond jewelry matches almost any outfit.
Choose the jewelry that will say only best about you and will shoe your personality and your inner beauty and shine. And you'll feel confident, comfortable and attractive.